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Meredith Bay, a private real estate community in New Hampshire needed to drum up leads at the height of the 2020 quarantine, but, at the time, nobody was leaving their house.  I decided to bring our open houses to our audience. 

Teaming up with the community's sales leader, we created a series of live open-house events that become social, blog, and website content pillars, resurrecting the community's web and lead momentum and resulting in $1.6M in attributed revenue on a $2,500 budget.


1. Segmentation

Even though these open houses could appeal to anyone, the reasons for joining are unique based on their relationship with Meredith Bay.  Segments were split into warm contacts, cold leads, and top-of-the-funnel awareness.

2. Communication

To drive attendance, highly promotion HTML emails were sent to cold leads, personal plain text invitations were sent to those with a relationship with our sales team, and social media ads were launched to drive new contacts to these live events.  Reminder emails and social RSVP reminders brought the quarantined attendees to their devices at the proper time.


3. The Event

It wasn't enough to simply show a video of the home being highlighted. Live streams of the tour were launched on Facebook and Instagram Live. 

Leads were also sent directly to a dedicated landing page that hosted the stream, where they could live chat their questions and comments to the sales teams in real time.

4. The Results

In addition to the $1.6M in attributed revenue, the events went from just a dozen attendees to over a 1000, each weekly spike increasing as much as 200% from previous weeks, and lifting the traffic between the events to roughly 120% of its former momentum. 

Anecdotal feedback was even more positive, with sales reporting dozens of high-net-worth contacts back in the funnel and improved relationships with local brokers.



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